WEEDit 7000


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Croplands has unveiled their new dual tank, dual spray line, high capacity optical spot sprayer - the WEEDit 7000 in August 2016.

The WEEDit 7000 has been the primary focus of the Croplands R&D team for the last 12 months, though the project was initially conceived several years ago. Les Bollenhagen, Croplands Product Development Manager has worked on the project from its inception.

“Without doubt the WEEDit 7000 has been one of the biggest, most interesting and exciting projects undertaken by Croplands. We started with a challenging set of specifications, and a clean sheet of paper which enabled us to develop a very modern and effective sprayer.”

Croplands have designed a brand new 7000 litre Main Tank with 800 litre Flushing Tank and 1500 litre Hot Tank.

The Hot Tank is aptly named as it used to hold high concentration chemicals specifically for spot spraying – the secret weapon for delaying the onset of herbicide resistance. 

“As optical spray know-how has evolved, so did the design of the new WEEDit 7000, culminating the 3 purpose built tank design with dual hoppers and high flow plumbing” says Les.

Croplands have also incorporated many features with operator safety and ease of use in mind.

The up and over platform allows for safe and easy access from both sides of the sprayer to the tank lids. This space also features a drum rack which can be used to transport extra chemical, or alternatively can double as a toolbox rack.  

The 60 litre Chem-e-flush hopper is fully integrated to the sprayer’s control system, with a range of optional extras including 12 volt chemical transfer pump system, chemical suction probe and enviro transfer kit for inducting chemical from enviro-drums or shuttles. A 30 litre chemical induction hopper is also fitted to transfer chemical directly to the Hot Tank.

The WEEDit 7000 boasts airbag axle suspension

The airbag axle suspension supports the contour following boom ensuring a smoother ride and longer life. Adding to this is a standard air ride drawbar system that features an integrated Hendrickson airbag – an integral part of the suspension package. The heavy drawbar also features a heavy duty adjustable hitch and swivelling eye. The manual jack stand comes as standard, while the hydraulic version is optional. The WEEDit 7000 is fitted standard with wide low dust 24.5-32 tyres and wheels.