WEEDit 4000 I 6000


Russell P (Large)


Heavy duty hydraulic fold 18 metre, 24 metre, 30 metre, 32 metre and 36 metre trailing contour-following booms, designed to handle Australia’s challenging broadacre farming conditions. Some models may have road transport speed limitations. The hydraulically steered inner boom wheels control the folding and unfolding of the boom, this is also a pivot point for the boom to contour follow. In total there are five different plains that the boom and sensors can operate at to mirror the contours as accurately as possible. The sensors will achieve the lowest possible spray rate per hectare and effectively target small grasses when the boom height is maintained, with only small variations in height. New responsive gas air ride suspension on all boom wheels is custom engineered for Croplands WEEDit. This helps to maximise sensor effectiveness by controlling compression and rebound to allow the sensor a smooth ride for superior detection. The responsive gas air ride suspension also absorbs vibration to reduce metal fatigue and improve longevity.


Traditionally WEEDit sensors are positioned at 1 metre spacings along the length of the boom. This spacing can be adapted to 40" to meet the needs of row cropping or matching tillage equipment based on imperial measurements. Regardless of sensor spacing, there are five nozzles per sensor positioned at 20cm spacings. Close nozzle spacings are a major advantage in penetrating stubbles such as sorghum and also minimising shading.


The standard 40 degree flat even fan nozzle provides a course droplet spectrum and provides great coverage for broad leaf weeds in a warm summer weed spraying environment. Cone nozzles can be used for larger targets where non systemic chemicals are used in a strategy to avoid the over use of glyphosate. The cone nozzle provides the advantage of spraying forwards and rearwards at an angle enhancing penetration. Full cone spray patterns aim for complete plant coverage. Coverage is king with contact chemicals.


Unlike other wheeled booms it is hydraulically controlled from the cab, to allow for quick and effortless folding and unfolding of the boom, from transport position to field operation