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Accuracy without equal

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WEED-IT Precision Spraying

Designed with the challenges that growers face in mind, WEED-IT provides you with more control while taking efficiency to the next level. That’s why over 13,000 WEED-IT sensors have been sold in Australia alone and why it’s the best-selling optical spot spraying system in the world.

WEED-IT Optical Spot Spraying by Croplands

Targets weeds with more precision

Using advanced sensors, WEED-IT detects chlorophyll in the leaves of actively growing weeds in fallow fields, identifying and targeting them with unrivalled accuracy. This saves you water and time, preserves precious soil moisture and minimizes the weed seed bank. Its various detection and PWM settings make WEED-IT suitable to take care of all your spray operations during the season – in the most effective and economic way.

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A massive step in managing herbicide resistance

By applying precision spraying with WEED-IT, the opportunity arises to apply chemicals normally considered too expensive for blanket application and develop a long term herbicide resistance management strategy. This means it becomes economical to employ a ‘go hard and go early’ approach to weed management, targeting young weeds and driving down the overall weed bank.

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Calibrated for effortless operation

WEED-IT automatically calibrates 40,000 times per second, compensating for factors such as dust, daylight conditions and the presence of stubble. It also performs just as well at night, giving you a wider window for application.

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Excellent turn compensation

Weeds are targeted accurately around tight corners, regardless of boom tip speed. This is because each sensor is fitted with a three-axis accelerometer for integrated speed correction.

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Sensors distributed for precision

WEED-IT is a modular precision spraying system, which means that we can fit as many detection sensors to your sprayer as required for your farm size, maximizing your working width to 134 ft. Every detection sensor is spaced 40” apart and individually controls 4 solenoids with a nozzle spacing of 10”. Furthermore, WEED-IT is an independently operating system. This, together with lightweight and robust components, makes WEED-IT a system that can be added to a variety of spraying equipment with confidence.

What our customers say...

Independent Crop Inputs are Southern Alberta's only full-service, independent ag retailer. Hear from Agronomy Manager, Shane Janzen, on how WEED-IT is helping ICI's customers take their weed control to the next level.

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