300 Litre Trailed Sprayer with XT Boom Kit


300 Litre Trailed Sprayer with XT Boom Kit

Trailing 300 litre sprayer

  • 20 L/min 12 volt pump
  • Regulator kit
  • 10 metres of 10mm hose on hose reel with spray lance
  • XT boom kit fitted

XT Boom Kit

The Croplands XT boomless nozzle kit enables your spray application to be targeted into places a conventional boom may not reach. This kit delivers a uniform spray pattern over a distance of up to 6.5 metres (a wider swath may be possible if the kit is mounted higher than the 90cm as stated in the table below).

Ideal uses include forestry – spraying under trees; farm tracks and undulating pasture land.

Other useful features and uses include:

» Under trees in orchards
» Golf courses and turf applications
» Hedge rows and fencelines
» Firebreaks
» Large droplets for reduced drift risk and to assist with coverage on woody weeds
» Spraying around obstacles where a conventional boom is not able to be used
» Standard set up is with #10 nozzles as per the chart below*.

XT Boom Kit Application Table

*Disclaimer: all values are calculated application rates in L/ha based on the swath width in the far right column and assuming the pressure and flow can be achieved using the pump on your sprayer. 90cm height from the spray target is recommended using Croplands UA300B trailed sprayers but may vary depending on the sprayer being fitted to, the available mounting height, and the vehicle the XT kit is being fitted to. If the height is adjusted upwards the application rate will be lower; if the kit is adjusted to spray wider than the table suggests, the application rate will be lower. The reverse will be true if the height and/or width is reduced. Larger nozzle sizes are available on request. Ensure your pump has adequate flow to achieve the desired spray rate and sprayed width. For more information visit and search on XT X Tender nozzles.