Pegasus Customer Review

“It’s a strong unit that is very stable”

Lloyd Johnstone, Western NSW,

June 2010

NSW farm manager Lloyd Johnstone upgraded to a Croplands Pegasus 6000 trailed boomsprayer to increase productivity and now is easily completing 400ha a day.
A desire to move into controlled traffic farming while increasing productivity saw Warren, NSW farm manager Lloyd Johnstone this year take his first steps in that direction.
With some input from local machinery dealer Jack Ryan, Western Farm Machinery, Lloyd traded his 18 metre (60ft) self-propelled 3640 Spray Coupe boomsprayer with a 1136 litre capacity tank, on a new Croplands Pegasus trailed boomsprayer boasting a 30.5m boom (100ft) and a 6000L capacity tank.
The single axle fully welded chassis-design Pegasus came on two metre spacings and is compatible with a 15.2m (50ft) planter for working up and back.
“There were basically three reasons why I went for the Pegasus,” Lloyd said. “Apart from wanting to convert to controlled traffic, it was cheaper than buying a similar capacity self-propelled sprayer and it gave me the flexibility to carry as much water as I wanted as dictated to by conditions,” he said.
“For example, when it’s wet, I only need to half fill the tank so I can get around then I can easily revert to a full tank load in better working conditions.”
With the help of Croplands service technicians, who arrived on his property only days after the Pegasus was delivered to assist in fine tuning the machine, Lloyd was quickly into 12 hour shifts to complete a summer program of 4500ha (11,100ac).
With four tankfuls a shift, he easily knocked out 400ha (1000ac) a day at water rates of 60L/ha, “doing it easy”.
A bonus with the new sprayer was the addition of a new Outback S3 RTK auto guidance system which saw Lloyd start to creep into night spraying, to extend his spraying window.
“It’s a strong unit that is very stable,” he said. “I’ve got melon-hole country and I also sprayed over some old cotton rows which shook up the tractor but didn’t disturb the sprayer.
“I remember hitting a couple of good-sized holes and closing my eyes and gritting my teeth but while it shook me up in the tractor, the sprayer hardly moved.”
Croplands says the 20.8 x 42 tyres provide excellent floatation and a huge rolling radius and combined with a load-sensitive self-adjusting air-ride system, provides the suspension needed in rough conditions, regardless of whether the tank is full or empty.
“You also can see the boom absorbs the energy through its accumulators and maintains the right spraying height through its self-leveling design,” Lloyd said.
“It just travels brilliantly so it’s one less worry you’ve got while you’re concentrating on the spraying.”
Another good feature Lloyd likes is the hydraulic 180 litres a minute diaphragm pump which has a good pressure range to cater for all spraying conditions.
The Pegasus also boasts a 60L Chem-e-flush induction tank and Enviro Drum transfer kit, a 340L flushing tank and a 30L hand wash tank, which provide safe working conditions for the operator.
The main tank is a top or bottom fill with a dump sump for total emptying, dual agitators and a tank rinsing facility and drain outlet.
A Croplands BA7000 controller also is fitted offering auto rate control, dual line capabilities and a range of operating functions to provide at-a-glance information to the operator.
Lloyd has no qualms about letting go his SP sprayer.
“I’ve got no hassles pulling the sprayer, and its fits into my program well so I’m happy,” he said.
Like most farmers, he is anxious for the start of the season after narrowly missing a disaster at harvest when more than 150mm of rain fell on his property.  “We got about 80 per cent of the crop off so we were lucky,” he said. “Now we’ve got the summer spraying done and there’s good subsoil moisture, I can’t wait for the pre-seed spraying to get the season underway,” he said.