Suction Filters

Suction Filters

Croplands probably carries the largest stock of suction filters in Australia. From 1/2" to 3" we will have suction filter or filter screen to suit your requirements. ARAG has changed the filter cartridge colours in compliance with the already in force ISO 19732:2007 standard. In order to make the filter recognition easier, ARAG has decided to mark the cartridges with the relevant mesh indication and to apply outside the filter body another mark featuring the same colour as the cartridge, so as to make the filtration degree recognition immediate.


SKU/Model Number Description
A312052 Filter 11/4" 32mesh
A312153 Filter 11/4" 50 Mesh Long Thre
A3122158 Suction Filter 11/4"


SKU/Model Number Description
A310153 Filter 11/4" 50 Mesh Long Thre
A3102058 Suction Filter 11/4" Short Thread


SKU/Model Number Description
A335092 3" In-line Filling Filter
A3352294 Filter Double Net 3"

328-2 SERIES

SKU/Model Number Description
A326004.030 Filter Screen 100 Mesh (328 Se
A326003.030 Filter Screen 50 Mesh (328 Ser
A3260035.030 Filter Screen 80mesh (328 Seri