RoGator 700






Our newest RoGator, the RG700, is built with the same meticulous workmanship and durability as its legendary, professional-grade big brothers, but in a package designed specifically to deliver just the right level of power and weight for today’s professional farmers.
Not only does the RG700 feel perfectly comfortable in its below-3000 litre tank class, it significantly raises the bar on what you should expect from that class.


Engine AGCO Power
Cylinders 4
Horsepower 165 (123kW) @ 2100 RPM
Torque 413 ft-lbs. (560 N.m) @ 2100 RPM

Things would be simpler if fields were always level and dry. With our powerful 165-hp engine, it’ll pretty much seem that way. The AGCO Power diesel engine gives you six cylinder performance in a four-cylinder package. You get amazing power to the ground and far more torque, which means you’ll go where other sprayers simply can’t, including rough, uneven terrain and soft, wet ground. You’ll have no trouble maintaining consistent power and speed regardless of conditions, with more responsive handling coming in and out of corners. Not to mention impressive fuel economy. Powerfully efficient. Highly economical. Yes, it’s a RoGator.

Smart Drive System


We designed the RG700 with the engine, hydrostatic drive and gearboxes all perfectly linked, so the entire system works smoothly together to deliver up to 20% more efficiency than other systems. But we didn’t stop there.  We developed a smart, no-switch operation system that does much of the work without operator input. You get consistent, steady power and easy operation, without shifting or extra work. Then, to make you as effective as can be in the field, we packed it full of standard features that others upcharge you for as expensive options. You won’t find a smarter, simpler sprayer that maximizes your ROI by saving on fuel, protecting crops, getting you into softer fields earlier and out of fields quicker.

  • Traction Control Standard Traverse damp fields and hilly terrain without spinning wheels or getting stuck. Crop damage is minimized, spraying is consistently accurate and you get done a whole lot sooner.
  • All-wheel Drive System Standard Speed sensors at each wheel motor ensure that all four wheels are always turning at the same speed, eliminating wheel spinning at field approach and on soft, wet ground.  Crop berming in turns is significantly reduced.
  • Smart Hydraulic System Standard Drive pressure is kept low, which keeps the system cooler, limits engine load and extends engine life.
  • Optimized Fluid Efficiencies Standard Hydraulic flow is meticulously controlled based on speed and terrain, and oil temperature is carefully controlled so you’re always working, not overheating.

drive graphic


The single hydrostat 110cc drive system provides infinite speed ranges, with no shifting. Because you can choose your own speed rather than having field conditions dictate speed for you, you’ll always be confident that you’re not under- or over-spraying.


A bolted “C” channel flex-frame design keeps all four wheels in contact with the ground, even in the toughest field conditions. Heavy-duty cross members provide additional stability so you get a smoother ride and there’s less stress on the equipment.

Parallel C-Channel Flex Frames This unique frame keeps all four wheels on the ground and driving, even on rough, uneven surfaces. Pioneered by RoGator in 1993, this system is so stable that wheels can flex as much as 14 inches (355mm) and still maintain four points of solid contact with the ground. You get a smoother, safer ride and an always-consistent application of product to the ground.

Application Cab

Ours is the only cab in the industry designed specifically for application use. Large windows on all four sides of the cab give you a clear view of critical parts, including the front tires. Equally important is the exceptional visibility you’ll experience during transport. Lower boom rests and better mirror placements keep your views clean and unobstructed.

Positive cab pressure and a three-stage filtration process keep the air virtually dust- and odor-free. The HVAC system comes standard with automatic temperature control.

Comfortable, Smart Armrest and Joystick Operation

The ergonomically designed joystick is built so the operator can intuitively control all functions for field operations by feel, not by sight.  Because there’s less need to move hands and eyes for various functions, operation is simpler and safer. Focus on the job is improved and the operator is less tired at the end of a long day.

Built With Operator Comfort And Safety Top-of-Mind

Unmatched Visibility

The 6-post cab design provides open, curved corners for unmatched visibility with less stress and strain on the operator. With just a glance, the operator can see;

  • Boom tips when outlining a field
  • Nozzles to ensure consistent application or make sure nothing is plugged
  • Tires in the row
  • Headland Turns
  • Unexpected Obstacles

RG01254 (Large)

Fresh Air. Always.

The RG700 comes with three cabin air filters to keep the good air in and the bad air out. Chemicals are virtually eliminated from the cab for a safer, more comfortable operating environment.

  • Dust and Debris Filter – Keeps the big stuff outside where it belongs
  • Carbon Filter – Removes chemicals from the air before the air gets into the cab
  • Recirculation Filter – Continually filters air recirculated by heat or AC systems

3 Seat Options

Select the seat that fits the way you work. Air Ride Cloth comes standard, or choose either the optional Semi-Active Heated Cloth or Semi-Active Heated and Vented Leather.

Rogator Management Center (RMC) Standard

The RMC allows fingertip control over virtually all operational functions, including:

  • Engine and drive status
  • Liquid system operation
  • Foam marker
  • Boom height control
  • Time-delay lighting


Industry-proven Boom Design

One-inch square tubing on the tips is strong and lightweight. Lightweight cross-member rods further ensure structural integrity.

3-Nozzle Rotary System Standard

Our standard system gives you the flexibility to spray at different rates from the same nozzle base. Adjust all nozzles in less than five minutes, far less time than it would take to swap out new nozzles.

Two Boom-width Options

Choose 60/80 feet (18/24 metres) or 60/90 feet (18/27metres). Each comes with five or seven sections, so you can customize your spraying to manage unique field boundaries and crop conditions.

RG01253 (Large)