RoGator Customer Review

"I don’t think there is a better one on the market “

Greg Younghusband, Gilgandra, NSW,

December 2012

WITH extensive contract, as well as his own cropping commitments, Croplands Equipment enthusiast Greg Younghusband knows his preferred sprayer brand is critical to the economic well-being of his business fortunes.  Experience with a 4660 SprayCoupe, quickly followed by a model 1286 Rogator and, more recently, a brand new 1300 series Rogator, demonstrate a preference for the yellow-liveried brand that is becoming increasingly commonplace across Australia.  Operating in and around Gilgandra, NSW, the task is to oversee 35,000 acres of his customers’ country, not forgetting his own 7,000 acre property,with the district known for its  broadacre crops which range from wheat and barley through to canola and chickpeas. 

Now that harvest has been completed the focus is on getting to grips with his new ‘baby’ in the shape of the 1300 Rogator – a machine that was given the nod on the back of the noteworthy performance of his second-hand 1286 model, purchased to get an initial feel for one of this country’s top-flight self-propelled sprayers.
“After testing the water with the used machine, it was a no-brainer to commit to a new 1300,” Greg said.
Equipped with a 36m wide boom and a 5,000L tank he says “one of the best initiatives” lies in the new Tier4i Sisu power plant that pumps out a healthy 253kW (339hp) of grunt. It also complies with the latest global emission standards.  “Through the addition of AdBlue mixture they are a lot more fuel-efficient – by a factor of 40
percent,” Greg explained.  He also singled out the Rogator’s best-in-class C-channel frame – one that flexes over rough terrain while maintaining the strength to withstand the toughest conditions.  While it’s early days, the newcomer must complete at least 2,000 hours work throughout the district, although this figure could easily be
doubled, providing the solidly-constructed 1300 Rogator lives up to its robust reputation.  Meanwhile there’s already talk of another addition to Greg Younghusband’s Rogator line up - but that’s another story.
With the newcomer still fresh out of the box, and the business earmarked to spray hundreds of thousands of acres each year, the emphasis will be on the 1300 shouldering most of the workload - if it is to earn its keep.

Speed over the ground depends on the terrain, also the chemicals being applied, with it skipping along at an average 25kph.  Naturally, the sprayer’s air bag suspension system, also the air-suspended cabin and seat, all play their part in making a long day “at the office” as comfortable as possible.
to dovetail selection to meet field conditions. Add in quick acceleration to grasp how customers can better manage the available power.  Interestingly, the drive system also enables newgeneration RoGators to run at lower engine speeds in transport – 1,950 rpm compared to 2,100 rpm – to further improve engine fuel efficiencies.
Turning to his new work station, he said it was “really quiet” which was important when working The RoGator’s drive system also received the “thumbs-up” from Greg who said its two-piece construction – a hydraulic motor and a separate gear reduction hub – helped deliver more power to the ground.  And the sprayer’s seven speed ranges allowed users to maximise productivity by allowing them back-to-back day and night spraying regimes.  “More than 50 percent of my work is night work,” Greg said, also making the point there was more “all-round vision” when sitting in the driver’s seat.

And easy sighting of the boom’s wingtips is augmented by the new Rogator’s Management Centre diagnostic display – one which he can closely monitor all engine and drive read-outs in the blink of an eye, also any fault codes.  As well, it’s just as easy to monitor all liquid system operations with Greg saying his Rogator’s
three metre wheel centres also can be extended to four metres at the press of a button, according to requirement.

Opting for a Raven spray control system on the new 1300 Rogator, his 1286 counterpart is fitted with a TopCon unit to ensure the highest application efficiencies.  Fitting a 600L/minute pump will ensure downtime associated with re-fills at the field headland is kept to a minimum.  Commenting on the new 1300, Greg said: “I
don’t think there is a better one (SP sprayer) on the market – that’s why I bought it.  “I’ll definitely be sticking with the brand and while Croplands has a lot of other products, this particular machine is a damn good design. “I’ve looked at other machines but they don’t come any way near meeting the Rogator’s specification. It’s by far the strongest machine on the market.” Greg said.

“I’m confident I’ve made the right decision - it’s a top machine,” he added.  Other noteworthy Rogator features include tip and full boom breakaway, wide door entry to the cab and caliper disc brakes fitted on the range’s front wheels, thereby offering extra stopping power beyond normal hydrostatic braking.  The Croplands team, from manufacturing to after sales service – forms the right chemistry to provide you with the best crop protection equipment in the industry.

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FOONOTE: Greg’s 1300 Rogator was supplied by Warren-based Western Farm Machinery – a company well suited to handling Croplands’ range of modern-day sprayers which increasingly are coming into their own on the district’s broadacre and irrigation country. The company’s principal, Jack Ryan, established the business in 2003.