Quantum Mist for Vineyards

Quantum Mist QM420 2 Row Barossa March 2020


The first Croplands sprayers made their way into Australian and New Zealand vineyards nearly thirty years ago. We’ve come a long way since then, evolving our range to give growers the ultimate in spray coverage.

Croplands machines are built with a respect for tough and varying terrains. Engineered to endure, this equipment gives growers the confidence to take on row after row, saving time, reducing costs and maximising productivity.

Quantum Mist QM420 Fan Spraying 2019

Outstanding spray application

Quantum Mist™ fans produce high-volume, turbulent, directional air for excellent coverage.

  • Minimise drift
  • Increase coverage
  • Reduce fuel use
  • Lower application rates
  • Run at lower rpm
  • Increase spraying speeds