Fan Sprayers

Croplands spraying equipment for Horticulture incorporates a range of Airblast and Axial Fan technologies. 

Several models of Fieni airblast fans are used on our single-row Cropliner airblast sprayers, including standard airblast fans from 620mm to 1060mm with and without straightening vanes. 

Croplands axial fan technology is the Quantum Mist.  The 500mm Quantum Mist™ fan is widely used in tree and vine crops.  In vineyards for sprawl-type and larger canopies where maximum air volume is required; ideal for multi-row applications. In intensively grown tree crops such as apples and pears – usually 3 fans per side and also suited for use in larger trees crops such as citrus and avocadoes – usually 4 fans per side.

The 380mm Quantum Mist™ fan has been developed for cooler climate vines (VSP canopies) and ground crops such as strawberries and certain vegetables. Efficiency gains in oil flow and power requirement gives growers excellent options.

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