Quantum Mist Linkage for Horticulture


The cable-drive system has been initially developed for single row Quantum Mist sprayers to enable smaller tractors to use the extremely successful Quantum Mist technology. For linkage sprayers, single-row sprayers and horizontal boom applications, the cable-drive system provides excellent options for growers with
savings in power requirements and fuel use. 

For canopy crops, such as grapes or other trellis-grown fruit, four fans – in either 380mm or 500mm configuration – are individually directly driven by a flexible cable from a central gearbox located on the sprayer frame.

Croplands have been working on this design for two years with the aim of introducing the system as a very simple and reliable option. For horizontal use in crops such as strawberries or vegetables, up to five 380mm or 500mm fans can be driven using cable-drive.

The central gearbox is driven by a hydraulic motor by the tractor hydraulics. The cables simply plug into the multiple outlet,  central gearbox at one end, and the Quantum Mist fan head at the other. It couldn’t be simpler.

The hydraulic drive on the central gearbox incorporates a soft-start system to ensure the system starts slowly. The gearbox has a clutch over-run to allow the system to slow down when the fans are stopped to avoid damage to the cables  themselves.

Manual fan speed adjustment is fitted standard; electric fan speed adjustment is optional using an HV4000 auto-rate controller. If the operator requires a fan speed monitor using the manual speed adjustment system, Croplands have a great device called the Visio for this purpose as an option.

A number of key benefits are provided with the cable drive system. The whole system is very quiet, very simple and easy to maintain. No electrical or hydraulic circuitry to the fans is required. It is fully serviceable – provided the outer cable sheath is not damaged, a new inner cable can be put in place within a few minutes. It’s easy to understand how it works. For more information on oil-flow requirements to drive the distribution gearbox, as well as total power required for 4 or 5 fans (380mm or 500mm), please contact Croplands.