Our specialised technical knowledge and expertise helps vineyard spray contractors and workers to develop solutions in a wide variety of conditions such as:

  • Options for different regions and climates
  • Large or small vineyards with a variety of row widths
  • Sprayers with the ability to apply pesticides and fungicides at single, double or triple rows
  • Tall thin vines versus sprawling situations
  • Older versus newer vines and hydraulic row widths
  • Blast vs direct air to deliver optimum coverage into the vine canopy
  • Various tractor linkages to allow for easy manoeuvrability at the end of rows
  • Cable drive for improved fuel efficiency

Croplands have been at the forefront of technological and application developments in vineyards.

We work exclusively with growers to custom build sprayers that deliver optimum spray efficiency, such as the Quantum Mist sprayer.

Croplands have also led the way in the development of the Quantum Mist sprayer, which has revolutionised spray efficiency.

In 2003 the Quantum Mist fan was released to meet the demands of horticulture producers for improved application of crop protection products.  Even from the early days of design and testing, it became clear that directed air axial fan technology could provide increased efficiency for grape growers in terms of better spray coverage, faster travel speeds, energy savings, outstanding reliability, and minimal drift potential.

The ability to spray large areas of vines economically and effectively was just what the market needed. Growers seeking enhanced efficiency across increased acreages, options for multi-row application, and technologies to reduce spray drift were impressed by the results achieved with Quantum Mist.

Croplands have continued to invest in improvements, and have seen the Quantum Mist application technology become the market leader in horticulture. Today, Croplands can offer the widest range of sprayers of any manufacturer utilising multi-head axial fans.

The simplicity and reliability of the Quantum Mist underpins the proven performance of the system in the field. Spray coverage has never been better than with this technology.

Efficiency gains have been outstanding, and it’s no secret that the Quantum Mist has been a huge success for producers as a result.

For growers interested in a more conventional air-blast sprayer design, Croplands has a full stable of Cropliner models with some crop-specific features and options to round out the package.