Turf & Amenity

Whether it’s a golf course, oval or council garden, Croplands can tailor a cost-effective sprayer solution to suit your operations.

Croplands field and technical staff have the technical and industry knowledge to help ensure that your herbicides, insecticides and foliar fertilisers are applied efficiently and safely.

Our Enviroboom sprayers have been specifically designed for turf and council amenities and have the following features:

  • Fully shielded boomsprays to reduce spray drift and the risk of accidental contact with chemicals
  • Various linkage options for ATV vehicles, 4WD and tractors
  • ‘Granny hoppers’ to reduce the need for climbing on top of sprayers to mix chemicals

As well as our spray trailers, Croplands also stock a wide range of quality knapsack, compression and 12 volt sprayers and spray accessories for spot spraying around sensitive areas.

We also have an excellent understanding of current OH&S practices and can supply staff and contractors with quality safety equipment such as measuring jugs, overalls, decal stickers and instructions.

We also offer exceptional after sales support and training to help ensure chemicals are mixed and applied safely.

Speak to a member of the Croplands team to discuss your spray requirements.