Small Farms

Whether you’re running a small working farm or simply have a few extra acres, Croplands has a great range of reliable, cost effective and easy to use spray equipment for a variety of uses.

Manufactured in Australia and New Zealand, Croplands offer a variety of spray equipment options to suit your farm and all are backed with a 12 or 24 month extended warranty.

Handheld and knapsack sprayers

Croplands handheld and knapsack sprayers are a reliable and cost effective spray option for small areas or spot spraying.

The unique opaque spray pack tank allows you to see how much you have left in the tank, while the adjustable nozzle helps you get the most out of your spray application. The sturdy and durable shoulder straps are designed for comfort, strength and safety and all Croplands knapsack sprayers come with lance clips for easy storage and transport.

12-Volt powered sprayers

For added ease of use, the Croplands’ Apex range takes a lot of the work out of your spray job with several 12-volt electric pump models, removing the need for hand pumping to provide the pressure & flow from the spray nozzle or boom.

A larger range of tank options is available in the CropPak range – also powered by 12-volt pumps with various options of pump sizes. From 30 litres to 800 litres, these units are designed to fit on bikes, ATV’s, tractor trays, trailers or utes.


Trailed and linkage boomsprays

After something bigger than a handheld sprayer? Croplands trailed or linkage sprayers can help!

Whether you are considering a linkage sprayer to fit directly onto your tractor, or a trailed sprayer for flexible towing options, Croplands have a wide range of sprayers designed for small farms.

All sprayers in the trailed or linkage range come with a sturdy frame or chassis and translucent white UV stabilised poly tanks.  All models with a boom-spray fitted come standard with AirMix® nozzles for effective drift control.

Firefighting units

When there’s smoke, make sure you’ve chosen a reliable and easy to use fire fighting unit for your farm.

Croplands have a range of trailed and tray-mount firefighters to suit your operation and come standard with a 3m suction hose kit to allow for suction from external water sources. Croplands firefighter units are powered by genuine Honda motors with advanced electronic ignition to ensure effortless starts in all weather and conditions – a must if fire is threatening.

The reliable Onga pumps provide high liquid flow and excellent priming for quick start up when you need it most and all units come with a heavy duty steel reel, 30 metres of hose and a fire-fighting nozzle.

For more information of firefighter units, contact your local Croplands dealer.