Quantum Mist Grape Sprayer - VSP Setup

Image of Quantum Mist Grape Sprayer - VSP Setup

Optimising setup and operation: Head Placement for Vertical Shoot Position (VSP) Canopies

"The standard vertically converging head configuration gave the best coverage overall, but the bunch line vertically converging spray head configuration was slightly superior on bunches and the lower leaf surface in the inner canopy. This is an excellent result, since late season canopies, especially VSP, are notoriously difficult to spray effectively."

The aim of this study was to provide data on the effect of head placement on spray coverage.  This information can be used to optimise the set up of the Quantum Mist sprayer for spraying vertical shoot positioned (VSP) grapevine canopies. It also builds on the independent test report on the Quantum Mist sprayer by Manktelow and MacGregor, May 2001, which was carried out on various VSP style canopies.

A complete copy of the report can be downloaded here:

QMReport.pdf 788.00 kB