Product Release: Variable Rate Nozzles

Image of Product Release: Variable Rate Nozzles

Agroptop TurboDrop Variable Rate, the nozzle for the highest flexibility in application rates.

Croplands Equipment is the Australasian distributor of quality nozzle manufacturer, Agrotop. They are proud to release the revolutionary TurboDrop Variable Rate (VR) spray nozzle, which as the name suggests, can provide far greater flexibility in application rates.

Previously operators would settle for a standard air inclusion (AI) low drift nozzle, which only has a relatively small flow rate range. The new Agrotop TurboDrop VR nozzle’s patented design enables the operator to use just one nozzle with the same flow range of up to four conventional nozzles.

You can imagine the time saved by reducing the amount of nozzle changes with this fantastic new invention. It is also much quicker for the operator to change the application rate without the risk of operating outside of the nozzles pressure range. You now have the ability to vary the spray speed by 10km per hour while still applying the preset controller rate.

For example, the new TurboDrop VR nozzle 03 offers an extended volume range of 150 L/ha to 400 L/ha at 10km/hour, compared to a conventional AI 03 nozzle which can only provide a volume range of 150 L/ha to 200 L/ha at the same speed.

Croplands will offer four sizes of the new TurboDrop VR nozzle, 015, 02, 03 and a fertiliser variety. This provides an exceptional flow range, from 0.68 L/min to 5.8 L/min.

These nozzles are ideally suited to operators who are faced with the need to employ a wide range of application speeds, in conjunction with an auto-rate controller. Using an auto-rate controller means the flow-based measurement of output allows the controller to adjust and maintain the correct output “on the button”. A perfect example is an operator whose spray conditions range from rugged ground at a speed of 6km/hour to flat easy-going cultivated paddocks at 16km/hour. Another example is a single operator who needs to apply clean up sprays at a rate of 100 L/ha, fertilisers at 150 – 200 L/ha, post and pre-emergent at 200 – 300 L/ha. With the TurboDrop VR nozzle the choice of rates and application speeds is now the operator’s choice and no longer restricted by the nozzle fitted to the sprayer.

Croplands is able to offer these nozzles fitted as a retrofit option on all sprayers units in their range.

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