Nozzle Names

Image of Nozzle Names

Learn more about the logic behind nozzle names such as 110-03

Names of nozzles start generally with the name of the manufacturer, for example agrotop.

The first letters in a nozzle name refer to a specific type of nozzle. For example TDAM represents TurboDrop AirMix. 

The specific nozzle type code is followed by the spray angle that a nozzle produces. In most cases this would be 110 for a 110º angle but there are also, for example, 65, 80 or OC-codes (i.e. off-centre). 

The next code number represents the standard size of the nozzle. The size is determined by the spray volume that a nozzle puts out at 2.8 bar.

For example, a XR TeeJet nozzle 02 size means that the nozzle puts out 0.2 gallons/min (= fl ow rate of 0.75 L/min).

A 04 sized nozzle has a flow rate of 0.4 gallons/min. Different type nozzles of the same size may produce completely different spray qualities but they will have the  same flow rate per minute. 

Any letters behind the size-code indicate that different versions of the nozzle are available with different orifice materials. For example, VK stands for ceramic, VS for steel, VP for polymer.

AirMix 110-03

Nozzle name: agrotop TDAM-110-03
agrotop = manufacturer
TDAM = AirMix®
110 = 110° spray angle
03 = size (0.3 gallons/min at 2.8 bar)