Our Suppliers

ACE Pumps

ACE pumps have an excellent range of centrifugal pumps sold and fitted by Croplands. Cast iron, stainless steel and glass reinforced nylon pump options provide excellent flexibility for the purpose required.


AGCO are the leading supplier of self-propelled sprayers worldwide. Croplands are the exclusive distributor of the Rogator, SpraCoupe and Terragator brands throughout Australasia.


Agribits are one of the longest standing Australian suppliers to Croplands. Agribits are an innovative manufacturer of steel components such as large booms and supply Croplands with a wide range of steel components.


Agrotop are a leading worldwide manufacturer of spray nozzles and are a key supplier to Croplands. The AirMix® nozzle, manufactured by Agrotop, has become an industry leader as a low-drift low pressure nozzle which is fitted to all Croplands booms to reduce spray drift potential

Annovi Reverberi

Annovi Reverberi has been manufacturing Agricultural pumps for more than 50 years.

Croplands have been using AR pumps exclusively on their sprayers since the first Croplands sprayer was built. Reliable, rugged and dependable are words often used by our customers when they describe the AR pump brand.


Apex is a wholly own Croplands brand of sprayers & spray booms made on a sub-contract basis for Croplands. Innovative design makes this range ideal for small farms, nurseries and garden use.


ARAG have been supplying Croplands with components for 40 years. Well known as an innovative European company in spraying & irrigation products, Arag also produce an excellent range of spray controllers & GPS equipment.


Banjo is an American company supplying sprayer componentry to Croplands. Banjo makes a huge range of fittings, valves and manifold products ideally suited to our sprayer range.


Bargam are manufacturers of spraying equipment and components in Italy. Bargam have been suppliers to Croplands for 35 years and produce booms, linkage sprayers and Self-propelled machines sold by Croplands in Australia and New Zealand.


Braglia are a well known manufacturer of brass componentry and spray guns, fittings and valves for use in higher pressure spraying situations. Braglia have been very reliable suppliers to Croplands for 40 years.


Coorstek are the world leaders in ceramic nozzle technology. Recently Croplands secured the exclusive distribution for the Albuz range, manufactured by Coorstek, for Australasia.


Fieni have been making axial airblast fans for more than 50 years, and have been an integral part of the success of the Cropliner orchard sprayer – the number one sprayer in use in orchards in New Zealand by far. Fieni are an innovative manufacturer and a strong partner for Croplands.


Flojet is the brand of small diaphragm pumps used in the thousands for small sprayers often carried on ATV vehicles and the like. To a large extent the Flojet pump has brought dependable and inexpensive spraying to the farming industry & continues to be a key product for Croplands.

Global Rotomoulding

Global Rotomoulding are suppliers of polyethylene tanks used in large numbers by Croplands. We have been partners in the industry for close to 30 years.


Honda is a name that needs no introduction – known worldwide as a maker of reliable equipment. Croplands fit Honda engines to all their motorised sprayers for total reliability & exceptional back up.


Kasco are manufacturers of high quality safety equipment – namely respirators for use in Agriculture and Horticulture. Croplands have been selling Kasco products for close to 30 years.


Lanotec is a brand of cleaning & protective products for use in Agriculture. A new supplier to Croplands, Lanotec is slowly building an excellent reputation for protecting sprayers from corrosion  


Microtrak are makers of rugged and dependable spray monitors and spray controllers. A very long-term supplier of Croplands, Microtrak is made to a high standard in the USA & widely used on Croplands sprayers.


Nufarm is the parent company of Croplands and a key supplier of tools under the Spraywise™ brand. Application handbooks and spray dairies are two excellent publications sold by Croplands and produced by Nufarm. 


Pentair is an international company with many products, the two supplied to Croplands are Shurflo and Onga pumps for use on our sprayers and fire-fighting units. Those two brands have a long association in Agriculture and will be a growing part of Croplands portfolio in the future.


Quikcorp are manufacturers of specialised spraying equipment with a reputation for innovation and high quality. Croplands are distributors of their equipment, especially in the New Zealand market.

Raven Industries

Raven Industries are known world-wide as producers of an excellent range of spray controllers, GPS & auto-steering technology coupled with electrical components for sprayers. Croplands are becoming a key customer & user of Raven equipment


SARDI – stands for South Australian Research and Development Institute. SARDI have been a key partner of Croplands for the development of the SARDI 5-blade fan, the key component of the world-leading Quantum Mist® fan technology.

Speedtech Instruments

Speedtech Instruments are a small but valuable supplier to Croplands, specifically in the field measuring weather and spraying conditions. The Windmate™ hand-held weathermeter is now used by thousands of farmers to ensure they spray in optimum conditions.

Spraying Systems (TeeJet)

Spraying Systems, also well known under the TeeJet brand, are the world’s largest manufacturer of spraying components. Croplands is one of the largest users & suppliers of TeeJet equipment in Australasia having been associated with the company since we started in 1972.


Swissmex manufacture smaller compression and knapsack sprayers for Croplands and have been a cornerstone of our success over three decades. Known for their rugged dependability, Croplands offer a 2 year warranty on the Swissmex range.


Tecnomec is a new supplier to Croplands of electric controls and components. The key brand Croplands will be selling is known as Geoline.