Quantum Solution for FNQ Tall Tree Growers

Image of Quantum Solution for FNQ Tall Tree Growers

Croplands have created a customised version of the Quantum Mist Ultra Tower sprayer for far north Queensland orchardists - Remo and Sony.

Croplands dealer, Tableland Pumps and Pipes in Atherton recently delivered two modified Quantum Mist Ultra Tower sprayers in the Atherton Tableland region of far north Queensland.

The two machines are identical and custom built for two mates and fellow orchardists in the region - Remo Terranova of Terranova Farms and Sony Koci of Koci Avocados.  

Remo grows mangoes, citrus and avocados and Sony primarily grows avocados, though both growers were experiencing problems in achieving efficacy at the tops of their trees.

They consider Croplands Quantum Mist the “Rolls Royce of sprayers" and so consulted with Croplands to have a pair of sprayers built to suit their needs.

Sony designed the modifications he wanted and the Croplands R&D team went to work to create this new tall tree sprayer. The mast of the standard Quantum Mist Ultra Tower has been extended by a metre to stand 6m tall. The custom built machines also have five fan heads on each side, instead of the standard Ultra Tower’s four on each side.

The bottom fan is mounted low to enable to the sprayer to blow air up the skirt of the tree. The next two fans from the bottom are angled upwards to lift the canopy and the top two fans can be adjusted to blow down and create converging air currents resulting in turbulent air. This turbulent air is laden with small chemical droplets and provides efficient coverage at all angles.  

This custom configuration with 10 heads and extra height is predicted to be very popular with other orchardists in the Atherton Tableland area and Remo and Sony say that many of their neighbors are eager to see the new machines working.

Croplands will be conducting demonstrations with Remo's machine in 2017 by appointment. If you are in far north Queensland and would like to see these custom Quantum Mist sprayers in action, please call Croplands Are Sales Manager, Rob Graham on 0409 597 462 to book a time.

Pictured from left: Croplands’ Area Sales Manager - Rob Graham, Manager of Tableland Pumps and Pipes Atherton - Luke Cannon, machine owner - Remo Terranova and Brendon Weare - son in law of machine owner, Sony Koci.

The tractor pictured pulling the Croplands custom built Quantum Mist is a Kubota M106 - a great compact option for orchards at 10 meter spacings. It also has adequate horsepower to operate these sprayers.

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