Quantum Mist, Unmatched for Coverage

Image of Quantum Mist, Unmatched for Coverage

Ellerslie Producers Pty Ltd are adding to their spraying fleet to keep up with an increase in acreage.

Ellerslie Producers Pty Ltd is located 40km North of Wentworth, New South Wales and runs along the Darling River. It is here that Trevor Radloff grows a range of Citrus, Avocado and Wine Grapes over 220 ha. Trevor recently purchased his second 3000L 6 Head Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer, from his local dealer, Sunrise Ag in Mildura.

Last year, Ellerslie Producers saw an increase in acreage through a property purchase which meant that there would be a lot more ground to cover. This prompted Trevor to add a third sprayer to his fleet. He was already running a 3000L 6 Head Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer and a 4000L three-row Quantum Mist vineyard sprayer. 

Trevor is very happy with his new purchase, stating “I’m very impressed with the new micro power pack system, our unit is specked to drive both the fans and the product pump via the micro power pack hydraulic drive, which makes the tractor a very peaceful place to be.  Our older unit has the tractor hydraulics driving the product pump, and the whine from the back end of the tractor was quite tiring over a long day”.

It seems the rest of the staff at Ellerslie Producers are also quite impressed, with staff now arguing over who will get to drive the new unit.

“I would highly recommend the Quantum Mist unit, it is solidly built and cleverly engineered”.

With citrus prices currently soaring the Quantum Mist Tower Sprayer, fitted with the micro power pack   dual pump option, now allows Trevor and the team to deliver state of the art spray coverage in a quiet operating environment to maximize returns.

Quantum Mist sprayers are the sprayer of choice for industry leading coverage. As a result, you will see better control of diseases and pests throughout orchards and vineyards, leading to healthier fruit, bigger yields and higher profits.

Pictured above Scott Hewett, David Hamilton and Trevor Radloff