Even more reasons to invest in a Quantum Mist

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Invest in a Quantum Mist vineyard sprayer before 31 July and secure a rate controller upgrade plus bonus NuPoint Data Management System.

For many years the Quantum Mist has been setting the industry benchmark in vineyard spraying when it comes to delivering highly efficient spray coverage, energy savings and reliable performance - all while minimising drift potential.

Quantum Mist fans produce high-volume, turbulent, directional air for excellent coverage. The ability to spray large areas while minimising off target losses gives growers the confidence and control they need to maximise productivity and efficiency.

So, when there’s talk of a special offer attached to Quantum Mist sprayers, you can’t blame people for taking notice!

For a limited time, Australian buyers of Quantum Mist vineyard sprayers (Single, Two or Three row models) will receive a new rate controller option along with a bonus NuPoint Data Management System valued at up to $8,820* (ex GST) as a free upgrade.



The rate controller upgrade gives buyers the opportunity to choose between the HV4000 or the Bravo 180, providing growers with even greater control and accuracy when it comes to spray application.

The Nu750 device suits any contractor, grower or operation wanting the ability to track, schedule jobs (+maps) wirelessly to their drivers.NUPOINT DATA MANAGEMENT SYSTEM

Distance, speed, area covered, time and application rate data is provided in real-time and captured for reporting. The system includes software for reporting, vehicle tracking, display of application map, spray job allocation and live sprayer performance. 

Quantum Mist QM420 3 Row Barossa March 2020

Quantum Mist QM420 3-row - new in 2020

To find out more about Quantum Mist range of vineyard sprayers, rate controllers and NuPoint, view the 2020 Australian Croplands Vineyard Buyers Guide.There has never been a better time to invest in a Quantum Mist Single, Two or Three row vineyard sprayer.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local Croplands dealer to find out more about this offer and the benefits it could provide for you and your business.

*Saving based on Quantum Mist 2-row model. Excludes QM Smart Spray, QM Ultra tower, QM 1000 Trailed or QM Linkage models. Offer valid in Australia only. Ts & Cs apply, refer to your local Croplands dealer.