Croplands Quantum Mist Ultra Tower Perfect Option for Avos

Image of Croplands Quantum Mist Ultra Tower Perfect Option for Avos

French's Ironstone Rise in Pemberton, WA use the Quantum Mist Ultra Tower for superior coverage in their avocado plantation.

Phil and Wendy French with son, Jared French are the owners of French’s Ironstone Rise - a 100-hectare avocado plantation in Pemberton, Western Australia. The family are experienced growers - starting operations over 30 years ago in 1985. Their trees are planted on row spacings of predominantly 6m by 7m between trees and row width. 

The family purchased Croplands’ new Quantum Mist Ultra Tower for their spraying operations over two years ago. The machine was the perfect fit for the French’s property, as the eight axial SARDI fans are easily adjustable for better coverage, catering for the height variations of their plantings.

Jared, who mostly operates the sprayer notes coverage as the main reason they decided upon Croplands Quantum Mist Ultra Tower. The Ultra Tower is unique in its ability to position the two top fans over the canopy, making it ideal for taller tree crop spraying.

“We really wanted to improve the spray coverage – particularly in the tops of taller trees” Jared states.

“One of the key benefits is the ability to adjust the tower for width and angle to achieve better spray coverage.”

Jared mentions the sprayer is performing well now, after some early challenges were resolved.

The family spray seasonally - around 6 to 8 times per year, with an application rate of 1500 to 2000 litres per hectare and travel speed of 5 to 6 km per hour.

The French’s main spray program is based around fungicides such as copper, plus trace elements - particularly boron which aids with fruit set. As avocados often have new fruit setting prior to the previous crop or at around the same time it is harvested, fruit set is critical and is affected by nutrition - hence the application of trace elements is needed. The family business monitor their insect pests closely and if needed they will spray if problems get above a certain threshold.

This 4000 litre Quantum Mist Ultra Tower has a 410 litre per minute pump and was purchased through local Croplands Horticultural dealer – Southern Forest Machinery. If you would like more information about the Quantum Mist Ultra Tower, please contact Croplands on free call: 1800 999 162.

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