Croplands Cash for Communities Supporting Rural NSW

Image of Croplands Cash for Communities Supporting Rural NSW

Croplands Cash for Communities program has supported a number of local sporting teams, clubs and charities in Australia’s rural and regional towns.

For the last 12 months Croplands have run their Cash for Communities program, where we have been thrilled to support local sporting teams, clubs and charities in Australia’s rural and regional towns. Croplands donated $500 to $1000 (depending on the machine) to a charity or association of the farmer’s choice.

Under the Croplands Cash for Communities initiative $1000 was donated to Cootamundra Amateur Dramatic Arts Society (CADAS) Kids (pictured above). CADAS Kids is a local Cootamundra drama group which organizes and performs annual stage productions. The kids are high school students who engage in many theatrical and community pursuits. The troupe embark on a major production every second winter and the organization has been running for over 40 years.

In rural and regional NSW a cancer diagnosis is made more difficult by the financial burden of travel and accommodation expenses. In fact it can easily cost someone five times more to access their treatment than it would in the city. Can Assist is a grass roots, community based charity dedicated solely to supporting country NSW people and their families affected by cancer. They offer a range of practical services that include a financial assistance program to ease the burden of travel, accommodation and medical expenses. $500 was donated to Can Assist Cootamundra on behalf of Croplands’ customer Justin Roberts. Another donation of $1,000 was made to Temora Can Assist on behalf of John Obst.

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Croplands have also donated to a number of rural sporting associations this year. Temora Junior Soccer Club, Cootamunda Rugby Union Club (pictured below) and Cootamundra Junior Soccer Club (pictured left).

Croplands Cash for Communities has also paid a $500 donation to the Young Early Intervention Program, Young, NSW which enables Early Childhood Special Education Teachers to work in a multi - disciplinary team with Therapists and other professionals to provide individualised service to children with challenged ability and their family.

Other rural and regional community groups which were nominated to receive $1000 donations through Croplands’ Cash for Communities  were Tallimba Public Hall on behalf of Col and Kim Reid  and the Yalgogrin Memorial Hall on behalf of Shaun Quade, both in Central West NSW.