Successful spray contracting business, Wason Ag Solutions chose the Croplands RoGator RG1100 for their operations in the Gunnedah area.

Wason Ag Solutions is a spray contracting business located in the Gunnedah area, catering for large scale, irrigation and dry land cropping properties across the Liverpool Plains. Their clients grow wheat, barley, chickpeas, sorghum, cotton and canola and on average each paddock is sprayed around eight times per year at application rates of between 50 – 100 litres per hectare.

Claire and Anthony Wason started Wason Ag Solutions in mid-2017, after realising there was a gap in the spray contracting market for the area. Wason Ag Solutions has since become quite a successful business over a relatively short period of time and has positioned itself as one of the leading contract spraying services in Gunnedah.

Anthony uses a Croplands RoGator RG1100 as part of his operations - equipped with four-wheel steer, a 4000 litre chemical tank, 36 metre boom and 3 to 4 metre wheel tracks.

“We have also fitted a high-pressure washer to the sprayer - sourced through Croplands - to improve hygiene and general machine cleanliness and to reduce the risk of chemical contact and boom damage such as rust from residual chemical.” Anthony explains.

Anthony’s RoGator is soon to see some further improvement with the addition of an AirPro tiered boom and recirculation system.

“We are currently preparing to fit an AirPro tiered boom and recirculation system which will improve efficiencies by reducing decontamination time, infield start up time and reduce chemical wastage.”

Anthony recalls many factors that were considered when deciding on the purchase of a new Croplands RoGator RG1100.

“A new RoGator comes with a 2 year/2000 hours warranty, giving peace of mind and an assurance that maintenance inputs will be kept low.” Said Anthony.

“The RoGator is also more reliable than other brands and keeps its resale value well.”

The 36 metre boom and 3 to 4 metre track widths worked well for the varied clients Anthony services.

“A 36 metre boom is a multiple of many farmers’ current implements - 8m, 9m, 12m, 18m - meaning the area can be covered quickly without having to travel at speed.” Anthony explains.

“The majority of dryland farmers around Gunnedah use 3 metre wheel tracks, however irrigated areas usually have 4 metre wheel tracks.”

“The 1100 RoGator can be adjusted from 3 to 4 metre wheel width in less than a minute.” He adds.

Anthony chose the 4000 litre tank size as it is not too heavy for the black, wet soils, which is often a risk with wheel tracks and heavier machines.

The RoGator RG1100 also comes with four-wheel steer, which is an advantage for Anthony when needing to perform tight turns in irrigation head ditches.

Though the RoGator is a self-contained unit and can be operated independently without a water truck due to its onboard pump and mixing unit, Wason Ag Solutions run a water truck with the sprayer.

“Having my daughter Julia, running water from the water source out to the paddock, means we can increase our efficiency by covering more hectares in less time”. Said Anthony 

Anthony purchased his RoGator from local Gunnedah dealership, NFS-AG, where he is also able to quickly source spare parts from for his machine if needed. Since starting business in June 2017, the machine has sprayed approximately 40,000 hectares.

If you have a property in the Liverpool Plains that requires some spraying, contact Anthony of Wason Ag Solutions on 0474 477 944. Alternatively, if you are looking at purchasing your own RoGator, contact the team at Croplands on 1800 ROGATOR (764 286).

Pictured: Claire and Anthony of Wason Ag Solutions with their RoGator RG1100