WEEDit PhantomDrive

Croplands has partnered with autonoTRAC to marry the hugely successful WEEDit optical spot spray technology with PhantomDrive, a smart autonomous platform kit manufactured in Australia, that can be “added-on” to current model tractors with a CVT tranmission. This versatile toolbar kit allows your machine to not only perform autonomous tasks on demand, but also allows for normal use of the tractor when other jobs around the farm require it.

The platform can be accessed remotely on any smart phone, tablet or computer with internet access. It monitors both the tractor and sprayer and any issues with either will be alerted to immediately through the warning system. 

It has weather station capabilities for monitoring environmental conditions at the site of application and the system will stop operation if preset weather parameters are triggered. The Croplands WEEDit PhantomDrive also incorporates a collision avoidance system, to eliminate any accidents on farm with people, animals or foreign objects. 


Fatigue Management

Allowing farmers to do more, at a higher level of accuracy, within a limited time frame.

Monetary Savings

Save money on labour costs, as well as the cost benefits associated with owning a WEEDit sprayer.


When you are not spot spraying, the tractor can still be driven manually to carry out other on farm tasks.


Weather conditions permitting Croplands WEEDit PhantomDrive can work 24 hours a day, with the option to travel slower and improve chemical application technique and maximising your ha/day.