RG700B with New 120 ft Boom

Image of RG700B with New 120 ft Boom

This is the first 120 ft Aluminium boom Croplands have fitted to an RG700 and the stability is outstanding.

Croplands Territory Manager, Dave Farmer and Geronimo Farm Machinery Branch Manager, Wayne Altman in Dubbo delivered a RoGator RG700 self-propelled sprayer with narrow track (1.8 metre - 2.2 metre), 3200 litre tank and 120 ft (36  metre) boom to Rob and Suzanna Tuck of Narromine back in August.

This was the first 120 ft boom Croplands have fitted to an RG700. The all-aluminium boom was manufactured by Specialty Booms in the USA and is specifically built for this size machine.

The 120 ft aluminium boom demonstrated outstanding stability in the field – even in the roughest terrain.  

“It leaves all other booms for dead in this narrow track range” Dave commented.

The boom weighs the same as the standard 80 ft (24 metre) boom, but has a wider centre section which improves with stability.

The new owner, Rob chose the RG700 because it is the only narrow track, self-propelled sprayer with 120 ft boom and all-wheel drive unit on the market.

Rob also had this machine fitted out with John Deere steering and section control, as well as air boom clean out - both installed by NFS AG in Gunnedah. Rob also had blue LED lights installed for better visibility of the nozzles when spraying at night time.

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